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Foundations of Yoga at Cherry Blossom Yoga

Wed: 5:30m-6:30p


Meditation is a powerful tool that can help us increase mindfulness, teach us how to become grounded and present to each moment, increase focus, decrease stress and heal the body and mind. Even a few moments can make a tremendous difference in our lives and having a guide along the way is a great help to harness a steady and truly healing practice.

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” ~Oscar Wilde - This Beginner & Fundamentals class will explore the basics of alignment, breath, meditation, and philosophy/etiquette of a yoga practice. Formerly known as Beginner Yoga, we renamed these classes to strike truer into the heart of what we teach - the Fundamentals. Appropriate for someone who has never taken yoga before, as well as long-time practitioners. To establish a strong practice, one needs a firm and solid foundation. Suitable for ALL levels - Raw beginner/Brand new to yoga, Intermediate & Advanced students/teachers wanting to fine-tune aspects of their practice and/or revisit the foundations of a solid practice.


Vinyasa Yoga at Cherry Blossom Yoga

Thur: 6p-7:15p


Vinyasa at Kahanu Yoga

Sat: 8a-9:30a


This fluid asana based class is meant to heal, restore and strengthen the body and mind. By threading the breath into the movement and remaining present to each moment, we are able to learn more about our selves so that we can further heal, release, ground down and open up to grace. - This class is not heated.


"Vinyasa" is the marriage of movement and breath, or fluid breath-initiated movement. This challenging class incorporates strength, balance, and endurance resulting in a creative and varied practice, where you flow through the foundations cultivated in slower-paced styles (Yoga Flow, Beginner). Basic through advanced postures are linked with breath in a more vigorous environment. YOGA EXPERIENCE Recommended. - Level 2/3


Yoga at the Office

By appointment only


Learning to remain calm, focused, grounded and aware is of the utmost importance in the business world. Even the smallest of changes, like that of a breathing technique, can make a big difference. For more details on packages, workshops, classes, availability and rates, contact us directly.


Private and SKYPE classes

By appointment only


Private lessons, wellness, lifestyle and meditation consultations as well as group classes, retreats, workshops and special events call for pricing and information.