Mochi Love

Hello all! :)
Wanted to share this delicious breakfast recipe with everyone. It is super delicious, healthy, and will hold hunger at bay for a while ;)

What you will need:
1pack of Mochi [flavor of your choice] (you can buy it at whole foods)
6 Strawberries
6  grapes
Dash of cinnamon
1/4 cupCoconut Milk
1 tbsp Honey
[*Note:Dash of tumeric and ginger (if you want to boost the immune system, or if you have a cold)]

What to do:
(This is the best part. It is super simple)

Gut the mochi into small squares (about 2 to 3 inches is good) and then place the pieces on a waffle maker. While the mochi molds and bakes away in your waffle maker, mix the strawberries, grapes, cinnamon, coconut milk and honey in a blender, magic bullet, etc. (anything that will blend). When the mochi is cooked, take out of waffle maker and drizzle the fruity sauce over it.

That's it!!!! Enjoy :)