Who needs a magic carpet, when you have a yoga mat?

So this weekend, I had the pleasure and honor of practicing with the great Doug Swenson, and with a group of incredible yogis and yoginis :)
I have to say, I had no idea what to expect from this weekend, so I decided to go in just as I was, with no expectations, simply open to grace. And I am glad I did, because this weekend was simply wonderful.
I have always been fascinated by fantasy, adventure, etc. Which is one of the many reasons why "Aladdin" is one of my all time favorite Disney movies. And today, after a heart warming, really invigorating Ashtanga with Doug, I decided to listen to "A Whole New World" on my way back home (you know the song if you have seen the movie), and then it hit me. 
My magic carpet ride began the second I opened my yoga mat and began my practice in earnest. Only, I didn't realize it until recently. I have commenced my very own adventure, and  I have to say, so far, it has been a wondrous ride. "Every moment red-letter" says the song, haha, well I agree! :)
It hasn't got anything to do with the asanas, well, let me take that back, because the asanas are also a very crucial part of it; so I will rephrase.... Sure, the asanas have been a big part of the adventure(a fun, challenging and very rewarding part), but there have also been seven other wonderful aspects to this adventure of mine, to this beautiful yoga tree I have planted in the ground.
A world, "...shinning, shimmering, splendid..." this beautiful song says. And boy is it true. To look at the world from the edges of my mat has made such a big difference in my life. I mean, the fact that I could partner up, with pretty much any one in the studio with complete trust, already says something about me has completely changed (because not too long ago, I would never have let even the teachers come near me. I just would not have trusted anyone. Not one bit)
"...take you wonder by wonder..." also a part of the song, and also, such a true part about my personal yoga practice. It's been so interesting, finding a way to take all I learn in the four corners of my mat and take it into the world. To be able to see things differently, to know I can choose to do or not do, whatever. A wonder, the feelings that come out after a practice, the tears of happiness, the love, the utter peace and simple quiet. 
"...when did you last let your heart decide?..." The last line that really brought it home for me today. Because for as long as I can remember, I have been putting me (not the actress me, not the wife, the daughter, sister, coworker, etc. but the real ME) aside. Not really listening, not really feeling, not really opening up. But, as you have read from my previous blog, this all started to change for me this year; and it continues to change, and ebb, and flow (much like the flow of a vinyasa) and morph and grow, and open, and I have to say, I can not get enough of it. It has been wonderful, and I know that there is more coming, more magic, more love, more trust, more adventure, more pixie dust, and just... MORE.
So, who needs a magic carpet; when you have a yoga mat?