Healthy Travels

As some of you know, traveling has now become a part of my routine. And, having been used to getting sick every time I came back or went on long trips (or even short trips, come to think if it), I became a sort of fanatic for trying to find ways to stay healthy while I travel. And, since I received a request from my bff Jess to write a blog about my "findings" I decided to comply and share the knowledge. I hope it helps.
The very first thing that you need to keep in mind when you travel is that you will be surrounded and sometimes even engrossed by stress and germs. So, the first thing you need to do is work on de-stressing and fortifying. (Oh, and please bring plenty of hand sanitizer along)
My number one recommendation is, of-course, doing yoga. If you are not an avid yogi already, then I recommend you try to do yoga for at least 45 to 60 minutes anywhere from three to six times per week. (I like to practice 6 days a week, but you know your own body better than anyone, so you be the judge for your own practice). If you haven't really been practicing and your trip is tomorrow, then go through a lovely heart opening and hip opening flow the day of your travel. (Since you will most likely be trapped in a tiny space for a while, the space you give your body before hand as you do your practice this day will be very important to keep you sane, relaxed, and stretched.)If you still feel like you don't have enough time to do this, then try to simply sit in meditation for a few minutes each day, and maybe add some breathing techniques through out your day, and through out your travels. (Research pranayama techniques online or ask a yogi for some tips on how to do this)
The next thing I have been doing to help my immune system out is incorporating more probiotics into my diet. (You can buy some at your local groceries store. Usually in the natural foods and vitamins isle) This helps because it aids your system to stay in balance, and balance is key to remain healthy. [More and more researchers are finding that probiotics are a great aid to your immune system, so give them a go :) they are excellent!] Keeping this in mind. I recommend that you begin taking your lovely probiotics at least a week or two before you travel. And I usually will take two every morning.
Also at the top of my list is drinking plenty of fluids. The closer it gets to "D"day, the more water I drink. The reason is, while you are up in the air, you will actually lose quite a substancial amount of water, so keeping hydrated is very important. For this same reason (and because you really shouldn't to begin with) it is not recommended to eat tons of greasy food before you leave. Instead, try to eat lots of yummy greens and fruits that will help boost your immune system [and for vain reasons, will also have you looking your best for all those pictures you are sure to be taking]
Try to incorporate healing items that will also boost your immune system into your cooking, or buy a couple of them as pills that you can take daily. Examples of these are: Tumeric, dill, garlic, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, ginger, elderberry, celery seeds, and the ever famous echinacea. Another great tip and help is to bring tea with you. (I recommend echinacea tea, green tea, and relaxing mixes from your favorite tea brands) This way, if you are mid-flight or mid-drive and you begin to feel a bit off or a bit of that annoying tingle in the back of your throat, you can ask the flight attendant (or stop at a gas station) for some hot water, and vuala, instant immune system boost and comfort :)
Also important (and easy to find in delicious fruits and veggies) are vitamins A, B2, B12, B6, Z, D and E. And, yes, you may also get these in pill form just to give your already good veggie eating habits a boost ;) Bringing a pack of Emergen-C or two with you is also highly recommended.
Eating properly at your destination, breathing and doing yoga are also key. So, remember, even vacations can be stressful and this is why you need to continue to stretch, relax, breathe and nurture your body.
As this is travel season, I trully hope all these tips have helped and wish all of you a safe journey wherever you may be traveling :)